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LOVILL can assist you or your company in the following practice areas


 Dispute Resolution

LOVILL has an outstanding Dispute Resolution team that specializes in international cross-border conflicts involving different jurisdictions in commercial conflicts and white collar crimes spanning various industries such as construction, logistics, and banking and finance.

LOVILL’s clients are global players, both from the private and public sector, including sovereign states, and international law firms seeking assistance on behalf of their clients.

Our team is fully bilingual, holds degrees from top-ranked universities in Panama, the United States and Europe, and is experienced representing clients in actions before Panamanian courts, local arbitration, and international arbitration. Our top-ranked team provides creative and innovative strategies for complex cross-border disputes.

For LOVILL each case is a unique problem that requires a tailor-made solution and strategy that takes into account law, process, and commercial impact. We have successfully represented our clients in negotiations that have resulted in successful settlements that avoid litigation costs, and in litigation and arbitration cases.

column2-image1 Corporate Law

Lovill offers comprehensive legal advice to national and international companies and/or individuals currently established or in process of establishing business operations in Panama, either in the public and/or private arena.

Lovill assists companies and individual in choosing the best corporate structure, the incorporation of corporate vehicles, licensing, tax optimization, drafting shareholders agreements, commercial contracts, labor contracts, compliance, among others.

We provide legal counseling and guidance to our clients in drafting and negotiating of commercial agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, restructuring of companies, among other. Our knowledge and teamwork allows us to meet the needs of our clients in an efficient and effective manner, analyzing the distinct variables and regulatory determinations on the issues consulted, in accordance with the current business world requirements and generating a value added for our clients.

column3-image1Real Estate Law

Lovill has highly qualified professionals to offer legal advice on all matters related to property law in Panama, such as: purchase and sale of properties, low-density and high-density real estate project development, incorporation to the condominium ownership regime, drafting of co-ownership regulations, zoning changes and development planning in general.

column2-image1Estate Planning

Our team is prepared to guide our clients when planning their estate with the purpose of upholding its total economic value.

Our services, in this practice area, cover:

  • Legal advice in legislation conflicts, wills, and estate planning
  • Development of estate planning structures
  • Planning and preparing protocols and family agreements

column3-image1Administrative Law

Our team has the knowledge and expertise of the complex administrative regulations, and has experience in assisting both individuals as well as legal entities in the establishment of new businesses or continuance of the same in the region, especially in those regulated sectors such as energy, mines, hydrocarbons, and telecommunications, to name a few.

We also focus in matters related to the State, Governmental Entities, Self-regulatory Organizations, and in the guidance, preparation and review of files to submit in public bids and concessions, as well as in other procurement permits.

Our services, in this practice area, contain, among others:

  • Concessions and Permits
  • Government (Public) Procurement
  • Municipal Law
  • Public Bids
  • Tourism

column2-image1Tax Law

Our legal tax experts have vast experience in preparing and developing investment plans in the different countries, offering immediate and accurate responses to inquiries from our clients.

Our services, in this practice area contain, among others:

  • Tax advising to companies for the acquisitions of local and foreign firms
  • Legal advice on taxes in each country
  • Investment plan development
  • Tax planning
  • Administrative representation before governmental authorities
  • Guidance and representation in the filing and processing of administrative resources before tax or legal authorities

column1-image3Intellectual Property

We have a team of lawyers, specialized in the protection of our clients’ intangible assets, to whom we provide legal advice in intellectual property litigation, including conflicts and objections to trademarks. We also provide advice for registry cancellation or invalidity hearings and in unfair competition trials, to name a few.

Our services, in this practice area, embrace, among others:

  • Preparation of intellectual property agreements
  • Watch Service” or search services
  • Copyright protection (software, literary & artistic works, and related rights)
  • Trade names, distinctive symbols (or marks), trademarks and domain name protection

Competition & Consumer Protection Law

Our team has ample experience in providing our clients with legal advice in this important area that promotes a fair and equal competition among the different economic agents, avoiding antitrust practices. Moreover, we also render professional advice in Consumer Protection to both consumers and suppliers alike, on their established contractual rights.

Our services, in this practice area, involve:

  • Advice and representation before government competition entities to obtain corporate integration and concentration authorizations.
  • Implementation of safeguard measures.
  • Representation in international competition restrictive practices, such as dumping and subsidies.
  • Representation in litigations related to competition rights.
  • Legal advice to consumers as well as to suppliers on their rights in contractual relations that they may establish.

Finance, Banking & Securities Law

Our financial, banking and securities team provides high-quality service to financial institutions in the region, among them financial entities, national and international banks, providing legal advice and follow-ups in the handling of complex transactions and businesses in any of the region’s countries and at the international level.

In addition, we represent international clients in their procedures before governmental authorities and in their day-to-day activities before local financial entities.

Our services, in this practice area, consist of, among others:

  • Special bank contracting
  • Business structuring
  • Trust funds (inheritance, family protection, guarantee, management)
  • Project finance
  • Real and personal guarantees for local and international financing transactions
  • Leasing
  • Syndicated loans
  • Restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy

Labor Law

We have a team of lawyers, specialized in providing legal advice in Labor Law to local, international clients and major multinational companies. We also offer our clients assistance in Labor Litigation, Conflict Resolutions and Restructuring processes, to name a few.

 Our services, in this practice area, embrace, among others:

  • Counseling
  • Work permit applications
  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Employer Handbooks
  • Drafting of documents such as: Contracts, Mutual Agreements and more
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • Labor Speeches on everything an employee and employer must know regarding the Law

column3-image1Immigration Law

Services  we offer:

  • Permanent Residence Permits
  • Temporary Residence Permits
  • Multiple Entry Visa
  • Work Permits
  • Citizenship
  • Short term visa
  • Document Services

column2-image1Govt. Procurement and Contracts

LOVILL has the expertise to guide and support our local and international clients which includes major multinational companies, investors, developers, operators and contractors, through the process of participating in negotiations with the Panamanian Government for public tenders and concession contracts. We promote and defend their interests.

 Our services, in this practice area, include, among others:

  • Assistance in Public Tenders and Bidding processes
  • Preparing and Gathering of the required documentation for Public Tenders
  • Evaluation and Detection of risks in Public Tenders
  • Appealing before the General Directorate of Public Contracts


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